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Welcome to GoScouts.Com!

Note: GoScouts.Com is getting a much needed face lift. Until that's done, this service will be temporarily unavailable.

    GoScouts.Com  is a brand new (free) Troop Management Software System to help track your scouting units. It is designed to be a simple way to share information between the leaders, scouts, parents, and the scouting committee members. Some of the features of GoScouts.Com are:
  • Track rank anvancements and merit badges
    The heart of any Troop Management Software, is the ability to keep track of the Rank Advancements, merit badges, and other awards for your scouts. What sets our software apart from others, is the ease at which the parents and scouts can check it online anytime they want. No more having to call the scoutmaster or advancement chair for andvancement reports!
  • Post Announcements
    Adult and youth leaders can post announcements for the scouts and parents to see. For example, they could make an announcement when a scout has done something note worthy. Or, they might announce information about the next summer camp.
  • Post Calendar events
    The GoScouts.Com Troop Management Software contains a full featured calendar system. Calendar events even be can be filtered by unit (Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturing Scouts, etc). Also, youth leaders that hold the new "Troop Webmaster" position can help maintain these calendar events.
  • Track merit badge councilors
    All of the unit's merit badge councilors can be tracked, including their expiration date (all councilors must be registered annually). The scouts, parents, and scout leaders can then check this list any time they want.
  • Shared merit badge councilors within the district
    If the merit badge councilors are willing, their contact info can be shared with other scouting units within the same district. That way, if your unit doesn't have a councilor for a desired merit badge, a councilor within the district can be contacted.
  • Organize Patrols, Squads, and Crews
    Scout leaders can easily organize their unit's patrols, squads, or crews.
  • Track youth leadership responsibilites
    Scout leaders can easily assign leadership positions to the scouts. Some leadership positions will grant additional "rights" in the system. For example, the "Troop Webmaster" can maintain calendar events and the Senior Patrol Leader can maintain the announcements.
  • Multiple levels of security
    There are multiple levels of security that allow users to do different tasks in the system. Scouts/parents can log in and view their unit roster, rank advancements, merit badge councilors, etc. Youth leaders can maintain the announcements and events. Scout leaders can maintain the unit's leadership positions and patrol information. Committee members can maintain the rank advancements and earned merit badges.
  • Generate Reports
    There are various reports available so you can print a "hard copy" of your unit's information. These include individual scout's records, earned meritbadge matrix, progression reports, meritbadge councilors, etc.
  • Issue Tracking system
    Many times scouts (or their parents) will notice that the scout's advancement information or earned merit badge is incorrect. Maybe a merit badge is not listed or the date of a ranke advancement is wrong. The issue tracking system will allow scouts (parents) to notify the scout leaders, so it can be resolved. This provides a handy reminder so these issues are not forgotten, as often happens with verbal comments. Follow up notes can even be added to these issues.
  • Track camping nights
    One of the focuses of scouting is the outdoors. The Camping merit badge requires the scouts to go camping a certain number of nights. Scouts (or parents) can enter their own camping nights in the system. Then the adult leaders can "Approve" these nights. Of course, the adult leaders can also enter the camping nights for the scouts.
  • Track service hours
    Another focus of the scouting program is service. Several of the ranks require service hours. These service hours must be approved by the scout leaders. Scouts (or parents) can enter their service hours in the system. Then the adult leaders can "Approve" them. The system will showhow many service hours have been given for the rank advancements that require them. Of course, the adult leaders can also enter these hours for the scouts.
  • Much, much more...